What is SEO optimization all about?

What is SEO Optimization is one of the major questions that you will find in the online platforms. This is as much as your friends and colleagues will ask you about it. In fact, it is not strange to find students asking about it on forums and in classes even after pursuing the SEO classes. SEO optimization is the art of optimizing sites and blogs so that they can be found online. It is the art and a science of applying optimization techniques on web pages for instance, meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, site maps etc. All these are in the name of making your site to be found online on the search engine results page after a search is conducted on the search engine box. In a nut shell, SEO optimization is all about the on page SEO and off page SEO.What is on page SEO optimization?This is all the practices that are applied on a website which include optimizing a website and its pages. In a lot of occasions this process is executed in the codes of websites etc. For example: creating site maps, meta tags, met descriptions, keywords, robot texts, content creation and keyword placement amid many more.

It is after completion of on page SEO that off page comes to the equation.What is off page SEO optimization?Off page SEO is the process of optimizing websites by concentrating on everything away from the site. For example link building, social media management, reputation management, press releases, article submissions etc. This is in fact the best thing to put in mind the moment you are through with optimizing your main site. The search engines have various techniques that ensure that the links pointing back to your main site enables your main site to rank highly on the search engines. Why is SEO optimization good for online business?SEO optimization is what generally enables your site to rank online. My SEO teacher once said that SEO is what enables your site to fall in traffic where many people looking for your services online are. So it is important to try and get to the people who need your services. We argued and gave our diluted opinions as we were still learning about SEO but I will tell you that the truth is that SEO will take you to your clients’ day and night even at your sleep as it is the answer to all the online business!

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